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Renovations, especially when preparing your home for sale, can make or break how quickly your property will stay on the market. It’s easy to get caught up in the excitement of choosing new finishes for home projects or be blindsided by unforeseen hiccups that can dramatically increase costs. Deciding on how much to spend on home improvement projects can be tricky—lucky for you, I have compiled some tips that will help you stay on track and minimize any unwanted surprises!

Set Your Spending Limit

According to Zillow, you should spend no more for each room than the percentage of what that room values in the overall house value. For example, the kitchen generally makes up to 15% of the overall property value. If your home is worth $200,000, you

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Born and raised in Saskatoon, Tarra Unterschute has always had a passion for the city she lives in, and knew the only right career for her would be one helping people discover that same love. Enthusiastic, positive, and knowledgeable, her goal is to ensure her clients feel empowered and educated about the processes of buying and selling a home. And she emphasizes this with her Friday Five videos, sharing tips and tricks to help buyers and sellers navigate the bustling Saskatoon real estate market.

Why did you choose to become a REALTOR®?

I chose to become a REALTOR® because I love the city that I live in. And when a friend of mine approached me about becoming a REALTOR® and explained the job, I thought, “Yeah, that is something that I can do.

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Are lake properties in Saskatchewan

still as hot as the residential housing market?



Check out this beautiful lakefront property for under $400,000!


Vacation property sales in Saskatchewan went from 291 in 2019 to 481 in 2020, that's an increase of 65.29%.

If you are wondering about 2015-2017, we only started tracking these sales in late 2017.

In 2021 we are at 285 sales as of June, in 2020 we had 178 sales at the same point. Sales are up 60.11% compared to this point last year.




You will notice that every month during 2021 the number of sales has been more than 2020, except for June. Does that mean demand is slowing or are lake property sellers getting greedy?

If you look at the charts below,

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Home design trends are constantly changing, but with the state of the world over the past year and a half, we can identify some common themes emerging. We see many rethinking the functionality of their homes and the concentration on building a safe, calm, and joyful space to centre us in throughout the various recent and tumultuous events. Here are some key trends that you can easily incorporate into your living space or make it more appealing to potential buyers if you are planning to sell your home!

Say Goodbye to Exclusively Formal Rooms

Have a formal dining room or living room you only use once every 6 months? The focus is now on livable luxury and versatility in design. This means rethinking our less-used spaces and embracing furniture

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I'm not going to beat around the bush; a house is a big purchase and a huge life milestone. You want to make sure you are making the right choice. Have you been wondering if it is worth it to take the leap? Are you overwhelmed by all the information out there? While there are many benefits of owning a home versus renting one, here are some of the top ones you’ll want to consider!

#1: It’s  Great Way to Build Equity

First off, what does equity mean? Equity refers to the probable market value of your property against any liens (such as a mortgage). The longer you own a home and pay towards the balance of any liens, the liens will gradually decrease as the property value and your equity in the home increase. The larger the home equity you have, the

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You’ve taken the plunge to put your home on the market, starting a new chapter, and your agent has just received your first offer—how exciting! Now what? Several factors can help you make an objective decision!

The First Offer to Purchase

The first offer is most often a motivated buyer that has been perusing the market for some time already, understanding the market and what kind of inventory is available. They are excited about your home and want to beat their competition. However, you can negotiate with the buyers, coming back with a counteroffer for a better deal. If the first offer is below your goal range, you can use their fear of losing out and attachment to the house as leverage to bring it closer to your goals. 

Turning down the

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City life is a life full of hustle and bustle—you are central to everything you could ever need! However, more and more people are ditching the fast pace of the city for the serenity of the countryside. Are you dreaming about what country life is like? There are a few things to consider when you think about buying in the countryside that are different from purchasing in the city. Here are the top four points for you to consider before buying an acreage for sale!

Making Sure the Land Suits Your Needs

What are you planning on using the land for? If you are planning on buying land for agricultural purposes, there are municipal and federal zoning regulations in place to dictate how the land may be used that you will need to adhere to. These rules

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Our 5 senses play an integral role in our processing of the world around us; these sensory cues trigger our emotional responses. Thus, we associate different emotions with different experiences. Some subtle touches can highlight the best features of your home, creating the experience that has potential buyers imagining this as their future home!


What we sense by sight is one of the very first things we notice about a place we have never been in before. Set a welcoming tone for the experience from the moment potential home buyers pull up with a manicured lawn and healthy plants for the top curb appeal.

Inside, give your home a good declutter and clean! When looking at homes for sale, buyers want to feel assured that they have been well

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With over 65 residential neighbourhoods, Saskatoon offers a multitude of unique community styles to fit any lifestyle. Whether you're a busy professional who enjoys the hustle and bustle of downtown living or a student seeking the convenience of living close to school, there is a neighbourhood in Saskatoon for you. But today, we're focusing on just one of those lifestyle traits that many people think can't be found with city living—access to the outdoors.

While it may be true that green space can be hard to find in some regions of the city, Saskatoon is home to over 2,700 acres of park space; meaning access to nature is easier than you think. And these 5 Saskatoon neighbourhoods offer the most!


With a grand total of 133.5 acres of

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