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With several rental properties or an apartment building full of tenants, having a property manager can make your business run more smoothly. However, you will need to make you that you hire the right service so your investments don’t fall into the hands of someone incompetent.

One advantage of using a property manager will free up your time, allowing you to expand your business and future investments. A downfall for this makes your business seem less personal about tending to renters’ requests. When you have a property manager, there is a middleman to take care of these needs.

Having more free time is a major advantage. Many people who manage real estate are always short on time since there are never enough hours in a day. A property

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Once you have a property ready to be rented, the obvious next step is to find the right tenants.  You want to make sure they’re responsible, pay their bills on time, and take good care of your property.  This can be anywhere from keeping trees and the lawn trimmed to not ruining walls and floors.

As a landlord, you have a right to look into a potential tenants background to ensure they have not been evicted from a previous residence due to lack of payment or misconduct.  You can also check credit history to make sure the tenant will be able to make payment. Think about the questions you were asked when you rented places and the process you had to go through.

Depending on the area of your rental property, there will be certain things to

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As an award winning Century 21 Fusion SASKATOON REAL ESTATE Agent I know Saskatoon, Warman and the surrounding area extremely well. I take action to sell my client’s homes. I strive to find them the perfect new place to live while negotiating the best terms and price possible. I love what I do and I take great pride in providing excellence in customer service to all of my clients. I feel blessed to live in Saskatchewan and I am a TRUSTED SASKATOON REAL ESTATE Agent .

Gain Negotiating Advantage When Buying
Buying a property requires good knowledge of market conditions, personal finances as well as the ability to judge what a good investment is. Being able to negotiate realistically is equally important when you decide to make an offer. This is why you

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Seeking that perfect display home isn’t as overwhelming as it sounds.  Some hire professional home stagers to improve their homes appearance and sale price.  These professionals often have large storehouses of furniture and accessories or rental agreements with various stores.  After evaluating your home, they may decide to swap your sofa for on that may better suit the room. Once the home is sold, the loaner sofa goes back to where it came from. The same goes for any accessories or add-ons they provided.  If hiring a professional is not in your cards, there are a few steps you can take to achieve a similar outcome.

Painting is inexpensive and can make a dramatic impact on your home.  Colour and light are usually the first things people become

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May brings buyers to Saskatoon housing market
Sales rise 16 per cent from same month of last year

Saskatoon — A hot, dry May brought a warmer market for Saskatoon home sellers, as sales rose 16 per cent over the same month of 2018.

City sales came in at 422 units, up from 363 last May and 420 the year before, the Saskatoon Region Association of REALTORS® (SRAR) reported Monday. Sales are also up 10 per cent year-to-date at 1,469, up from 1,342 and 1,450 in the last two years.

“Sales have rebounded significantly this year, in large part due to an increase in condo sales,” said Jason Yochim, CEO of SRAR. “Condo sales are up almost 21 per cent over a year ago. Prices have been coming down, and they are very affordable compared to most housing

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Renovating and remodelling your home can go a long way in giving it the appeal it needs to boost its value to buyers. In today’s market, the majority of buyers are looking for homes that require minimal work. As a seller, it’s important to look at the return on investment for your renovation efforts, not all upgrades are worthwhile. Most often the best places to spend your renovation budget is in the kitchen and bathrooms.

Mid-Range Major Kitchen Remodel
Cost: $66,196
Value: $41,133
Cost vs. Value: 62.1%
Update 200 sqft kitchen with a functional layout of 30 linear feet of semi-custom wood cabinets including a 3x5ft island, laminate countertops, and a standard double stainless steel sink with standard single lever faucet. Includes energy-efficient range

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The last thing you want to end up with after purchasing your home is unanticipated costly renovations. That’s why home inspections are such an important part of the home buying process. Choosing an experienced home inspector can be tricky, so it’s important to consult with others to help you find a reliable inspector with good references.

Contact several local home inspectors and interview them in advance to determine their qualifications.

Questions to Ask

  1. How long has the inspector been in business with a home inspection firm?
  2. Is the inspector specifically experienced in Residential Construction?
  3. What does the inspection include? Inspections should include visual inspections covering exterior, structure, garage, plumbing, heating,
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It's Mother's Day weekend and there's no shortage of special events happening in Saskatoon to celebrate our moms! 

Mother's Day Concert

Join the SSO to celebrate mothers on their special day!  They're putting together a concert of charming chamber music, including a string quartet rumoured to have been written by Mozart while his wife, Constanza, was giving birth! More details.

Mother's Day Crepe Partea

An elegant mid-morning gathering in honour of Mother's Day.  Enjoy an assortment of sweet and savoury crepes made by Crossing Cultures Catering.  Coffee and a variety of tea will be included as well as a complimentary mimosa.  More details.

Mother's Day Brunch

Take Mom to the German Cultural Centre for their annual Mother's Day Brunch!

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