April 2017

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Ever say this when you've been shopping for a home? "I just hate the paintjob here". Good agents will always remind the buyers that paint can be corrected without too much hassle, and we stand by that. In fact, here are some tips to make the process even easier, dare I say even somewhat fun...ok, let's not get crazy, but with some wine and these tips, maybe it won't be too bad at all! Actually first tip: wait until you're done before you crack the wine...

1) A brilliant paint job—free of clumps and unwanted "texture"—starts with getting just the right amount of paint on your brush. This ridiculously simple trick can help: Wrap a rubber band vertically around your paint can so that it bisects the

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Saskatoon housing market stable despite downturn

In case you didn't want to read the whole article, here are some important things to take away from the article:

-the average price of a home in Saskatoon declined just 1.2 per cent from the first quarter of 2016, to $340,303.

-Martensville’s population ballooned by 25 per cent over the last five years, but growth has since slowed to more sustainable levels, allowing commercial and industrial development to catch up.

-Saskatoon recorded 723 sales worth a total of $246 million in the first three months of the year, compared to 714 sales totalling $245.8 million in the same

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Home renovations are one of the least fun things in the world. Your life is thrown into chaos and it's always more cash than you figured it would be. Now, we can't do anything about the disruptions they cause but we think we might be able to help you with the cost angle.

1) Try not to do a complete remodel. By that we mean, refurbish existing fixtures. Replace handles, stain the cabinetry, replace drawer handles, reface moldings. These sorts of things can give your kitchen a significantly improved look without the enormous pain and costs of redoing a kitchen. In fact, restaining cabinets can save you 50% in regards to buying new cabinetry!

2) Pick decent,

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