June 2017

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Sun is out, it's a Monday...let's keep things simple today. Here are some tips to help the moving process, if you have children and/or pets.

1) Start preparing ahead of time. This involves a lot of discussion with your kids, especially young ones, about the move. This gives them time to wind down, figure out the new situation, accept the change. Have a Q & A session with them. All of this helps with the transition, moving day can be a very challenging day for young kids who weren't adequately prepared.

2) Visit the new area. Take the kids and pets to parks around the house. Let them see how much fun the new area has to offer. If there is a dog park, and

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First off to be clear, I am aware I don't have to tell most of you to buy a house in summer months - they are the busiest of the year for a reason. But I still would like to take some time to shed some clarity on certain perceptions have regarding buying between June-August.

1) Prices aren't necessarily higher. At all. A common myth suggests it's always a sellers market during this time, and as such, prices are generally higher. Of course this can be true in certain cases, it's far from a constant. Don't believe me? Examine our current market as a good example. Saskatoon is squarely in a buyer's market last time we checked, and I'm writing this on June 19. The point is, each summer has to be

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On paper, the word "comparable" is pretty vague. There is no official criteria for it, and so many times the concept is applied incorrectly, yet it's the main tool for figuring out the right price on a property. A huge part of a good REALTOR® is not only analyzing comparable properties in the proper way, but also explaining why they're relevant. Let us take this opportunity to share some hard facts about those things to help you establish a logical criteria.

1) Some agents get most frustrated at the "well, the house on my street sold for _____ amount" reference point when it comes to pricing a house. And I get that (we will talk about that below), but I think the biggest misconception is the

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Far too often, people sell their house and along the way, learn some tough lessons that they could have known before if they spoke with the right people 
(For example, The Turnkey Group...). It's never a fun thing to look back in hindsight and wish you could have done some things differently. So if you're selling, here are some good pieces of selling wisdom that we would like to impart BEFORE you list your place.

1)You see "kitschy home stuff", buyers see a bunch of clutter. Seriously, de-cluttering a house is maybe the most important thing you can do as a seller. It not only helps the optics of making sure your square footage is being appreciated, it also helps the buyer assume there is pride of

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