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Now I should preface this by saying I'm not speaking for all REALTORS® with this post, but I can say with quite a bit of certainty I do speak for a lot, certainly our team. For the record we absolutely love working with sellers, we take great pride in pricing properly, keeping our sellers updated on market conditions, making sure the property looks as good as possible, etc. But just in the name of good fun, today we'll reveal some secret thoughts that many REALTORS® have during the selling process.

1) "You think your home is worth HOW MUCH?"

I think my favorite part of our listing presentation is the section on how NOT to price a home. We run down a list of

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Everyone likes the idea of a fixer-upper. That is, until you're actually fixing it. Nothing has the potential to destroy a marriage quicker than a huge fix-up project, other than maybe Monopoly. But obviously given the right set of circumstances, they can make a lot of sense. Let's examine some of those.

1) Well, they're real cheap, aren't they? Usually they are priced very very low in accordance with all the fixups required. The National Association of Homebuilders, says people shopping for a fixer-upper can expect to spend 20% to 25% less than what they'd have to shell out for comparable homes that are move-in ready. Homes with serious issues—such as with the foundation, termites, or

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We know, this isn't a super-fun concept. Buyer's are more educated than ever. and in almost every case, they have every intention of using that knowledge to obtain the best possible purchase price for their next house. And now that we find ourselves squarely in a buyer's market, all of the buyer's leverage will be amplified accordingly. If you're a seller, and you have every intention of selling in this market, this isn't necessarily a reason to panic, although it is necessary to refine your selling approach to achieve your goal of selling the house in a timely manner. How's that done? Well, let's take a look and lay out what needs to be done in a market like this:

1) Price the thing right! This

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