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More and more first time home buyers, as well as certain types of investors, are showing interest in homes featuring basement suites.

With the promise of a single rental suite bringing in $800.00 to $1,400.00 per month (the average range for one to two-bedroom suites in Saskatoon and certain surrounding areas), it could make good economic sense for a first time home buyer to invest in such real estate property, especially if the aim is to self-finance a few home improvement projects or pay down a mortgage faster.

Surprise! Your Basement Suite MUST be Removed!

However before committing to a home that offers a “mortgage helper” basement suite, please be sure that you, as a first time home buyer, understand the differences between legal and illegal suites as defined by the city of Saskatoon

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Home inspection requires special training, knowledge and communication skills. For some time, a national certification program has been encouraged by consumers, banks, and insurance companies to be developed for the home and property inspection industry, to perform national standards of practice.

To develop and implement an industry led by national standards, a national association, the Canadian Association of Home and Property Inspectors (CAHPI), was formed by representatives from provincial associations across Canada. With the support of the provincial associations, CMHC and Human Resources Development Canada associations (HRDC), CAHPI has implemented national accreditation and certification standards. This results in a recognizable home inspection

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The home inspector will provide a visual inspection by looking at the homes various systems, including interior and exterior components. The exterior components include roofing, flashing, chimneys, gutters, downspouts, wall surfaces, the foundation, and the grading around it. Keep in mind that if the inspection takes place in winter, the roof and foundation may not be visible if covered with snow and ice. For safety and insurance reasons, the home inspector is not required to climb up on a roof to examine it but will make all possible efforts to do so. However, the home inspector will inspect the roof from the ground. This also applies to the chimney and downspouts. The inspector may recommend further evaluation if problems or symptoms are found beyond

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One of the most expensive and important purchases you will ever make will be your home. Unfortunately, unlike the guarantee a buyer receives with most purchases, there is no money-back guarantee or return policy if you’re not satisfied with your recently purchased home. Once you have full possession of your home, it’s your responsibility to maintain it, repair it, anticipate problems, and pay the bills. Therefore, it’s best to know as much as you can about potential problems before you make the commitment to buy.

What do home and property inspections do?

Hiring a professional home inspector is one of the best ways to understand a home’s condition, habitability and safety.  A properly trained home inspector will examine your home as a system, looking

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Do you want to sell a condo in Saskatoon and surrounding areas? Thinking of selling your condominium on your own, without a real estate agent by your side?

The idea is tempting especially when you anticipate paying the MLS marketing commissions to yourself. Therefore it is important to weigh out the job ahead and determine if it is worth taking on.  It is also important to understand the consequence of having a property sit on the market due to errors caused by lack of time and or experience.

Selling Your Condominium? How a Real Estate Agent is Vital to the Process

Selling your condominium is hard work and a process that requires a focused time commitment. Experienced real estate agents understand this coming into the job.

Selling a condo while learning on the job often results in frustration, stress, and a home

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