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Starting out with too high of a listing price will add to the stress of selling your home. 

Ideally, during the first few weeks, your home should be overflowing with activity.  Listing agents will market and promote your home to other agents who are working with homebuyers, increasing your personal sales force. 

If you have overpriced, chances are fewer agents will promote your home to their clients.  As REALTORS®, it is their job to know the market demand and fair market value of a home. If your home was dramatically priced above market value, you will essentially be wasting your time. 

Dropping Your Price Too Late

Your house could take longer to sell if you start with a high list price and then drop it later.  By this point, your house

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Summer has arrived, the weather’s warm and vacation season is in full swing.  Chances are you’ll be catching a flight this summer - whether you’re going domestic or international, use these tips for a more enjoyable and efficient flying experience.

Find affordable flights with these apps: 

Skiplagged - shows you hidden-city ticketing options to get you a flight for up to 50% less.

Hopper - predicts upcoming price trends

Has your flight fare lowered since you booked?

Contact the airline - some will give you the difference back in credit.

Give up your seat for a travel voucher.

If you’re not in a rush to get to your destination and you find yourself on an overbooked flight, let the ticketing counter know.  They may offer you a

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The Property Condition Disclosure Statement (PCDS) discloses what sellers know about their property, mostly through a questions and answers format.  The buyers then view the disclosure and becomes better equipped to determine if the home is worthy of further interest.

The disclosure covers major items prudent buyers should be concerned with, such as history of fire, insects or rodent problems, water seepage issues, toxic substances such as asbestos or formaldehyde, structural issues such as basement foundation cracks, construction permit history, plumbing and electrical issues, attached equipment issues (i.e. furnace, dishwasher) and much more.

PCDS and Saskatoon Real Estate

Most listed properties will include a PCDS, however in Saskatchewan

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Old homes are attractive with their unique architecture and 'Old World' artistry, rarely found in newer homes. They are seen as affordable fixer-uppers, but no buyer wants to discover that beneath the surface of this charming home lays a shipwreck waiting to happen.


The foundation is one of the most important aspects of any home – more importantly in older homes for two reasons. First, a serious problem called "sulphate attack" can occur because of a chemical reaction between the soil and the concrete, causing the foundation to crack and crumble. Naturally, sulphates occur in the soil and may build up from lawn fertilizer over the years. Modern foundation concrete is formulated to resist sulphate attack. The second concern with

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Media Release: July 5, 2019
Jason Yochim, Chief Executive Officer, Saskatoon Region Association of REALTORS®

Saskatoon — The stronger residential housing market that began in March continued into June, as Saskatoon Realtors® sold 372 homes for a dollar volume of just under $126 million, the Saskatoon Region Association of REALTORS® (SRAR) reported Friday.

Sales were up six per cent from last June’s 350, while the combined value rose nine per cent from $116 million.

Buyers also had fewer listings to choose from, as 784 units were added to the city’s market, down 10 per cent from last year’s 871 and well down from the previous year’s 949.

“Fewer listings and a renewed interest from first-time home buyers have helped support the Saskatoon market,”

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There are countless advantages to purchasing a new home. You are able to build equity, enjoy pride of ownership, and truly make a home your own. If you are planning to buy property in the near future, preparing now can help you save time and money. Being prepared may also give you an advantage over other buyers. Here are a few tips to consider prior to your home search.

Know your bottom line before you start looking at homes. I’m sure you’ve heard this before, but think about more than just knowing what price you are willing to pay. Consider the distance you’re willing to commute to work, the number of bedrooms and bathrooms you require and what you need in terms of local amenities. If you have children, you’ll likely want to consider schools and

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