August 2020

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July Tops June!

June had 515 residential properties sell, that is an average of 17.17 per day. As of July 18th there were 284 residential sales, an average of 15.78 per day. July is on pace for 489 sales.


July's residential sales end up at 550! That is the highest monthly sales in the past 10 years!

The average sales price in July 2020 was $350,458, July 2019 was $331,757

Does that mean house prices are up? You have to look deeper into the stats. 

Good House are Selling!

64 of the 284 houses that sold in July sold in the first 14 days of being listed (22.5%)

112 sold in the first 21 days of being listed, 39%!

What type of property is selling the most? Single detached houses, 203 of the 284 were single detached, 71%

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Whether you’re planning on buying a home or selling your property, staying up to date on your local real estate market is essential in any housing transaction. And I’m not just talking about watching for other new listings and recent sales in the neighbourhood. While those are important market indicators to watch, more pertinent data that can give you a clearer picture of current trends can actually be found in market statistics released in reports every month.

Reading these statistics, however, can feel a bit like reading an astrophysics equation if you’re not sure what they mean. It may seem like a jumble of words and numbers that you know are supposed to make sense...but they don’t. Luckily, you don’t need to understand them all. And the few that

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