4 Questions to Ask Your Partner Before You Buy a Home

Posted by Ashley Turner on Tuesday, September 19th, 2017 at 1:55pm.

You're in a loving relationship. Awesome. You want to move in together? Whoa, that's really awesome! But, hold up for a second...that's a huge move. I mean, we're happy for you and everything, but let's look at four questions to ask your partner before you actually move in to make sure you're on the same page.

1) "Hey, so how long do you want to live there?"

You don't have to have the exact same timeline, but you can't be really far off either. If one considers it a 'starter' home and the other consider it a 'forever home', there's a pretty good chance conflict will arise more sooner than later. Make sure you are pretty close in terms of how long your will stay in the place.

2) "You think we can afford the payments?"

This one isn't fun but you'll have to run the numbers on both ends. That mortgage payment is going to come every month rain or shine, so if you want your relationship to make it through a lot of those mortgage payments, make sure you choose a house that works for both of your financial/debt situations.

3) "Do we want a fixer-upper or newer build?"

This will likely sprawl off into a bunch off sub-topics, like preferred neighborhood, size of home, "does our relationship have the strength to survive a character home that requires a ton of work?". Before you even start the preliminary steps of the process, have a serious talk about what kind of house will work for you. Maybe one person wants a character home that needs work/money but the other wants to travel with that time. These are talks that need to be done far in advance of buying a property.

4) "How do we save for miscellaneous expenses this house might incur?"

As any home owner will attest to, there is no shortage of things that can go wrong once you own a place. A plan to put money aside for these should be almost mandatory, but it's not good enough to stop there. You both need to be on the same page in terms of how that will get accomplished. Again, like #2, this might require some awkward financial discussions but better before the house, than after your water heater randomly breaks down in January and you have to figure out where the repair money is coming from.


Also, that man-cave discussion is one that NEEDS to be talked about before buying...

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