4 Reasons to Buy a Home During The Holiday Season

Posted by Ashley Turner on Thursday, November 23rd, 2017 at 11:47am.

Hi everyone, happy holidays! I'm proud to say my holiday shopping is done! A six-pack of beer and Amazon got the job done and I didn't even have to pull my hair out looking for a parking spot. You'd be wise to consider the same...

Anyways, today's topic is buying during the holiday season. Good idea? Bad idea? First advantage I will point out is buying with us between now and December 31st is a good idea, as our $500 buyer promotion is still on. But other than that, a lot of people are just down on buying during this time of year in general. Some of it is based on accurate perceptions but some of the negativity isn't based on anything market related at all. For the sake of positivity, today we will try and point out some nice things about buying during the holiday months, and hopefully discredit some fallacies along the way.

1. The first and most important thing: most people erroneously refuse to buy during this time! What does that mean for you, the wiser and more educated seller? Less competition! That's right, so many buyers surrender to doom and gloom fallacies regarding late month selling. Take advantage of that - get out in the cold and enjoy the leverage you hold over sellers who are fully aware there aren't a lot of buyers around this time of year.

2.That brings us to the next point. Most sellers don't really love the idea of selling this late in the year (or early, if it stretches into January and February). Which means if they do have their place listed, chances are they have a very compelling reason to sell. As a buyer, you should love this! Take advantage of their desperation.

3. A more realistic viewing experience. We live in a pretty extreme winter climate, and while it's more fun to bound around the city in the summer looking at houses, it makes more sense from a practical vantage point to look during this time of year. Maybe a room isn't properly sealed or insulated, and you get to experience for yourself that it's colder than the rest of the house. Perhaps a window is problematic if you see it full of condensation. Honestly, winter brings out a lot of potential issues and while looking at properties this time of year isn't necessarily that fun, you are in a much better position to observe possible defects.

4. It's a lot easier to deal with logistics of moving if you do decide to buy and remove conditions. Mortgage specialists, lawyers, home inspectors moving companies, all those people we need to ensure the process goes smoothly are all far less bogged down this time of year. Just another thing to take advantage of that others won't have buying in those cushy summer months.

 Honestly, we know there are negatives too, and we don't want to ignore those. A lot of the sellers who aren't very eager to sell won't have their place listed around this time of year, so your selection won't be as wide. That's the main issue with buying now. But in Saskatoon, we still have such a huge inventory available and still very firmly in a buyer's market, so a lot of that gets negated with how flush our city is with product. Just bundle up and take advantage of another buyer's wimpiness!

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