8 Tips When Painting Your Home That Will Make Your Life Much Easier

Posted by Ashley Turner on Friday, April 28th, 2017 at 4:29pm.

Ever say this when you've been shopping for a home? "I just hate the paintjob here". Good agents will always remind the buyers that paint can be corrected without too much hassle, and we stand by that. In fact, here are some tips to make the process even easier, dare I say even somewhat fun...ok, let's not get crazy, but with some wine and these tips, maybe it won't be too bad at all! Actually first tip: wait until you're done before you crack the wine...

1) A brilliant paint job—free of clumps and unwanted "texture"—starts with getting just the right amount of paint on your brush. This ridiculously simple trick can help: Wrap a rubber band vertically around your paint can so that it bisects the opening, then use that to swipe off the excess paint. Trust us, it'll prevent you from getting unwanted blobs of paint all over your brush.

2) Plastic bags make perfect tray liners. We're pretty sure you have them - there should be dozens under your sink, just crying out to be used. So give em a purpose in life! Cleaning a paint tray is such a pain in the arse that it can actually be a deterrent to undergo those paint jobs. Use a bag to prevent them from getting all painted up, and you won't have an excuse to put off painting.

3) Paint never smells good, just a reality of the process. Most of us just suck it up, but if you're one of those wimpy types tho can't stomach the fumes, there actually is a solution. It's recommended 1 teaspoon of your favorite oil per gallon of paint or one 15-milliliter bottle for a 5-gallon bucket. The odor won't linger, so you can use your favorite smells or consider matching them to the vibe you’d like the room to have (e.g., citrus oil for energy, lavender oil for peace and serenity). If you're more baker than bohemian, vanilla extract will also do the job.

4) Blend colors of the same shade. Once you’ve used about two-thirds of one can, blend it with your next can to create a more even tone. This way you won’t spend the next year squinting at your walls, wondering if that slight color change is really there.

5) Those doorknobs are always getting in the way when painting. This one is really easy:

wrap em in tinfoil! Done.


6) There is nothing worse than removing what you believed to be a strip of perfectly applied masking tape, only to realize that paint has still managed to bleed out onto the protected area. The best way to apply masking tape is by pressing it onto the surfaces that you want to protect using a putty knife or any other similar object that you have on hand.

7) If you say to yourself I won't cheap out on one thing with this painting thing, might want to make it canvas dropcloths. Plastic dropcloths might be cheaper, but they aren’t worth a dime when they come up under your feet, making you feel secure until you find the drops of paint on your carpet later.

Canvas dropcloths are better because the canvas will also absorb paint, bend around corners, and avoid becoming slippery. Sort of a no-brainer.

8) Clean brushes with fabric softener. Don’t throw away those brushes just yet. Just combine 2 tablespoons of fabric softener with warm water, and then soak your brushes in the mixture overnight. A good scrub the next day should make your brushes as good as new.

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