9 Secrets Appliance Stores Hope You Don't Know About

Posted by Ashley Turner on Tuesday, February 21st, 2017 at 9:22am.

If you just bought a new house, furniture shopping can be fun. Appliance shopping, generally not so much. Luckily for you, Team Turnkey looked into some clever little secrets behind buying them, and will share them here to make the process much less painful!

1) Look beyond advertised prices. Big manufacturers dictate the minimum prices stores can advertise for. BUT! That doesn't mean the actual cost is the same. If you approach a sale associate with this information in mind, there's a decent chance you can get it for less that advertised price. Consume Reports says that on average, people who haggle save around $200! I'd say that's worth the effort.

2) Time your purchase properly! The best time to buy are the following months:

  • September, October and January, when manufacturers roll out new appliance models and retailers are desperate to get rid of last year’s fare
  • The end of each month when stores are trying to meet monthly quotas
  • Holiday weekends (NO! Retailers aren’t tricking you with bargain prices—they promote heavily and stock for greater sales during those periods. But different holidays are better for different deals.)
  • Off-season (For instance, force yourself to think about buying an outdoor grill in January or an electric fireplace in July.)

If you're one of those people (like me) who always prefer to do shopping online, adhere to the following: try and buy in November, and also Thursdays (the day retailers are twice as likely to reduce prices).

3) Use a shopping cart, then leave your chair. Of course I'm talking about the online kind. Add something to your cart, and then just leave it. Often times after a few days, a retailer will send you a coupon to entice you to buy. Not all the time, but definitely worth a shot.

4) Decode the price tag. Go to lifehacker, and they put together a handy pricing chart. Go look for yourself if you want to get specific, but a key thing to remember is any price at places like Home Depot or Costco that ends in a number that's NOT 9, you're getting a deal at less than full retail price.

5) Ask repairmen for inside info. Next time one of your appliances breaks down, make the most of it and ask him if he knows of any warehouses selling almost new appliances for lovely discounts. Some might consider this a long shot, but you'd be surprised how often they have information in this area!

6) Extended warranties are something to probably bypass (although not in all cases). Consumer experts generally agree they cost more than they're worth. Generally it makes more sense to skip the warranty and shell out repair costs if there is an issue, although it's not a rule across the board. It depends on the appliance but definitely do some math before you buy any warranty.

7) If you're feeling really thrifty, here's a thought: sell your old appliances for scrap (if you can't sell it on Kijiji). You can often earn $10 to $50 per 100 pounds, depending on the type of metal and the scrap yard. That means a 150-pound dryer could net you $15 to $75 dollars. Apply that to a new $300 dryer, and you’ve suddenly got a discount.

8) White often costs less than other colors, if you don't care about appliance colors.

9) Send in your rebate to manufacturer. I know it's super annoying to save those receipts but it sometimes it's worth it!

We know anything to do with appliances, whether it's buying or repairing them, isn't exactly a blast to deal with. But we hope this helps your process!

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