Easy Ways to Declutter for Sellers

Posted by Ashley Turner on Wednesday, November 1st, 2017 at 1:49pm.

Well that Halloween edition was a lot of fun (and stay tuned for another one next year), but now back to more common advice with buying/selling a property. Today, we want to help out sellers, as it's a fairly tough go out there for anybody trying to sell their place. So, let's talk about decluttering!

There are a lot of things us REALTORS® advise a seller to do, but by far the most common, is making sure our sellers absolutely minimized the clutter in their home. This is among the most important things a seller can do. It's crucial for a few reasons: i) maximizes the square footage, ii) allows the buyer to visualize their furniture placement, iii) some buyers might assume the sellers are sort of slovenly if they have a lot of unnecessary crap around the house, and iv) just bad for first impressions. With those in mind it's imperative to minimize the amount of clutter around your place and here are some tips to do so:


1) Look where buyers will look. Hiding things in closets isn't advised for example...buyers always are curious about closet space, and having boxes of old yearbooks tumble over their feet isn't the best look for your place. If you have an attic, that's a useful storage space. As is garage. Buyers always understand garages are fair game for storage. Mechanical rooms are also useful. What do all these have in common? None of them have places where buyers have to visualize furniture placement, so boxes of old things aren't seen as an optical problem when they're in places like these. Smaller items can be put under sinks too, but don't get carried away with that.


2) Just get rid of stuff. Seems obvious, but trust me, it's not. I can't count the amount of times I was listing a place for an older seller who is downsizing, and is thinking aloud how where to put all this stuff! Let me get this straight: you're downsizing, have a lot of stuff in your present, bigger place, and think somehow it'll fit in your smaller new place? Moving is stressful but it's a GREAT opportunity to go through your old stuff and discard/sell/donate. And while we're on that topic, try not to get into the game of selling all your small stuff you don't want. Moving is chaotic enough, don't worry about organizing old coffee cups for sale on Facebook groups. DONATE, DONATE, DONATE.

 3) Get organized. If you aren't good at getting rid of a lot of your stuff, at least box it up properly. Don't just pile stuff in the storage room.

4) Pictures of families are FINE. We always get asked about those, but don't worry about taking those down. Decluttering a fridge is usually not a bad idea though, even if those are A+ report cards you got hanging.

5) If you had kids, having their toys out is fine. Don't shove them in closets or whatever. But, just make sure they are properly tucked away in corners, almost quarantine them. People understand you have children, this may even allow them to properly visualize their family in there. Just make sure the toys are tucked away and not have a messy appearance.

That's all for this week. Remember, decluttering is hugely important, and pretty easy to get done. Plus it can be a useful tool for transitioning to your new place. Good luck!

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