Houses for Sale: Narrowing Down Real Estate Listings in Martensville and Surrounding Areas

Posted by Mercina Kokkas on Monday, June 3rd, 2019 at 1:02pm.

Want to buy a home? If you are like most buyers, you have a ton of houses for sale on your list to sort and look through– and may already be getting overwhelmed with all the choices you have for real estate listings in Martensville and surrounding areas.

However with the right approach, sorting through houses for sale is actually one of the most enjoyable parts of the home-buying process. When you decide to buy a home, remember, it is the process of elimination that will take you to the one home you will want above all others.

Here is some practical advice to use as you prepare to buy a home by sorting through all the houses for sale in your area.

Create Two Lists – Your Needs and Your Wants

When you go to buy a home, remember to differentiate between what you need and what you want.

A need is something that must exist. A want is something you would like to have. Defining the difference between your wants and needs may require some effort, but is necessary if you want to be content with your new home. After all, you won’t be comfortable for long, in a home that meets your wants and none of your needs. And a home that covers your practical needs but has none of your wants won’t be much fun.

Once you have wants and needs prioritized, you can begin sorting through the real estate listings in Martensville and surrounding areas, looking for houses for sale that meet all your needs and as many of your wants as possible.

You should have a much smaller list of homes to choose from when you’re done.

Find the Best Value

Everyone one wants to buy a home that is a good deal!

Once you have a reduced list of candidates, you can start looking for a good deal with the best value homes. (This an important time to bounce ideas off of an experienced real estate agent and let them guide you as needed)

In simple terms good value for a home is defined as a home that costs near or below the market value of similar homes. For example a three bedroom bungalow home with 1,300 square feet for $380,000 isn’t as good of a value as a similar home selling for $365,000

Now you will have a handful of real estate listings in Martensville and surrounding areas that meet your needs, satisfy your wants, and make financial sense.

Take a Tour

The time has come to tour your final candidates.

Discuss your picks and available times with your agent and a tour will be scheduled for you. That’s exciting!

A tour will tell you much more than what pictures and online listings can. You will get a good feel for the space and see if the home’s vibe matches your own (and yes, homes do have vibes!).

With a bit of time, the right process and your agent’s expertise you will have the perfect

home picked out and be ready for closing in no time.

 Narrowing Down Real Estate Listings in Martensville and Surrounding Areas

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