How to Move with Children...and Pets

Posted by Ashley Turner on Monday, June 26th, 2017 at 2:01pm.

Sun is out, it's a Monday...let's keep things simple today. Here are some tips to help the moving process, if you have children and/or pets.

1) Start preparing ahead of time. This involves a lot of discussion with your kids, especially young ones, about the move. This gives them time to wind down, figure out the new situation, accept the change. Have a Q & A session with them. All of this helps with the transition, moving day can be a very challenging day for young kids who weren't adequately prepared.

2) Visit the new area. Take the kids and pets to parks around the house. Let them see how much fun the new area has to offer. If there is a dog park, and your dog is well-behaved (unlike ours), that's a great way to meet other dog owners and people in the neighborhood.

3) Include the children in the moving process. Give them age-appropriate tasks to help with the move. Let em carry the pillow box, or put them in charge of taping up some of the smaller boxes. It gives them some ownership of the move and more in control of their changing circumstances.

4) Hire a sitter. This is more of a safety thing. If they are little and not super aware of their surroundings, a sitter for the day might be a good idea. Same with dogs, Personally I have a Yorkie that loves to stand by feet, naturally this would be a disaster for moving a grand piano, for example.

5) Reward everyone's hard work. For adults - a cold beer or tall glass of wine will likely go down amazingly after a full day of moving. For kids, maybe their favorite snack. Everyone should feel like they earned a reward for getting through the process.

Also a few unpacking tips.

a) Clean before you move in. Take the time to stock the bathrooms with toilet paper and put paper towels in the kitchen. When it's moving day, you'll thank me.

b) Store hardware for furniture, curtain rods, etc in sandwich bags. Just ensures you won't lose those all-important screws or pieces.

c) Take photos that show how electronics are connected. Honestly you'll be dealing with tons of wires and re-connecting. If you want to keep that part simple and avoid unnecessary frustration, snap pics before you disassemble electronic equipment.


And perhaps most importantly...if you do get the help of friends, make sure to offer beer, or a meal, or both...people get awfully spiteful if they help hauling stuff around all day and are offered a glass of water at the end.

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