Know Your REALTOR®: Linda Outhwaite

Posted by Linda Outhwaite on Wednesday, March 25th, 2020 at 10:00am.

Prior to making the move to both Saskatoon and to real estate, Linda Outhwaite spent many years in Estevan, Saskatchewan working for the Canadian Border Services Agency in customs. There, she prided herself on her attention to detail and knowledge of rules and regulations. She then took these essential assets with her into her career as a REALTOR®, where she now works every day to keep her clients happy and protected in their real estate ventures. 

Why did you choose to become a REALTOR®?

I chose to become a REALTOR® because this career allows me to bring a number of my talents together while assisting clients. I have always had a lifelong interest in houses—how they are built and what makes a good house or a bad house. I have also spent my entire previous career working with people and seeing how they react to their “spaces”. As a REALTOR®, I can combine all of those elements together to help my clients sell their properties or choose new ones.

What is your favourite part about being a REALTOR®?

My favourite part about being a REALTOR® is seeing the happy look on clients’ faces when I bring a deal together and they have realized their dream goals—whether that’s buying, selling, or staying where they’re at. I do not rush clients into buying or selling. Everyone has hopes and dreams and expectations in life and often clients come to me with a vague set of goals. I think that to be a good REALTOR®, I have to work with people to define what it is that they really want and need, and narrow down their goals to what best serves them. 

Sometimes, what best serves the client is just staying where they are at with a few modifications, or renting for a little longer with the goal of working with a mortgage broker to better define their financial goals. At those times, I, as a REALTOR®, must know when to set them on a different path for a while with the goal to revisit the situation in the future.

Why CENTURY 21? 

In my mind, there was only one choice when choosing a brokerage, and that was CENTURY 21. I had heard very good things from other REALTORS® prior to choosing this company. Since joining CENTURY 21 Fusion, I have come to realize that the technology here is just excellent and the support staff is fantastic. I can always get a hold of a broker, associate broker, or senior REALTOR® to bounce ideas off of and if, for some reason, they don’t answer, they always call me back, even if it’s later in the evening. 

So, when a client hires me to buy or sell their house, they are actually hiring a great team who will work with me to get the results they want. And that’s a large amount of expertise!

If you could give a buyer or seller any one piece of advice, what would it be?

Well, there’s lots of advice I could give, but I think, first and foremost would be to find a REALTOR® that you can work with, who is tuned into your needs, and is willing to work on your schedule, to a certain extent. Ask her what her workload is—will she have time for you? Will she return your calls and keep you informed? Does she take all your concerns into consideration? Does she have knowledge of your situation or is she willing to do the research?

If you could choose three words to describe yourself, what would they be?

Three words? Number one: ethics. I can always be trusted to do the right thing. It’s the driving force behind all my relationships, whether personal or business. I have been told that I am always fair in my dealings with others. This sometimes puts me at a personal disadvantage, but I believe that it is the correct way of moving through life.

The second word, I think, would be goal-oriented. Give me a goal to reach and I will strive to get you there—whether it is finding the property that you desire, selling your house, or finding you other business partners for financing, legal advice, moving, downsizing, or anything else you may need. I love a project and I often see life as one great puzzle to solve. There are many paths you can take to achieve a goal, and I will work in whatever way necessary to get you there.

Last, but certainly not least, I would say knowledge. I have a sign in my office which says, “Ancora Imparo,” which is an Italian phrase meaning, “Yet, I am learning.” I think I am knowledgeable in my chosen career and what I don’t know, I will strive to find out.

What inspires you?

People who keep going no matter what life throws in front of them; whatever the circumstance.

What do you love about Saskatoon?

The beauty! The parks, the diverse cultures, and—oh, Circle Drive! The fact that within a few minutes, I can be on the Circle and driving to all the various areas of the city is fantastic! I grew up in Winnipeg and it seemed the drive around that city was always a trek.

Is there anything else you think people should know about you when considering whether or not to work with you?

Well, no matter what the situation is—buying or selling—I like to think that I am unflappable. I roll with whatever is thrown in front of me, and can usually figure out a timely solution. 

Last but not least, I think I have a pretty good sense of humour!

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