Real Estate: Halloween 2019 Edition

Posted by Ashley Turner on Thursday, October 24th, 2019 at 1:28pm.

Hi everyone! A couple years back our team decided to release a comprehensive guide to real estate as it pertains supernatural concerns and it turned out to be a real graveyard smash! Turns out, for whatever reason we are the only REALTORS® in the city that are open minded enough to help buyers/sellers through these ghoulish, but solvable areas within the real estate realm. Well we took a year off, but in 2019 we are back to trudge you through even more perilous territory that all the other REALTORS® are just too scared to cover. Here is one question a prospective buyer recently sent our way:


1. "We found a charming character war-time home that we fell in love with.  Before offering, my husband and I went through the property two times, and the second time we opened a closet in a secondary bedroom we noticed a fairly large and ominious looking porcelain doll whose eyes seemed to track us as we slowly closed the door. ANYWAYS, we figured that was just our jittery level of comfort acting up as this we are first time home buyers. So skip forward to the offer stage: they accept all our conditions and terms, but they countered one thing:


"Seller will accept all conditions and terms except:
Doll in upstairs closet must stay."


This seemed unconventional to say the least. After instructing our agent to call the selling agent about this odd counter, he was told in no uncertain terms this counter offer was completely non-negotiable. We are still excited about the house, and while this development has provided some trepidation, we aren't seeing this as a dealbreaker at this point. We're close to putting pen to paper and accepting their counter to buy our first house but since this does seem to be something we should run by The Turnkey Group. Are we missing anything we should be worried about?"
Turnkey Response:



Short answer, yes. Dealbreaker? Well, probably but not so fast, let's look at this from all angles before we make any rash decisions.
What we're likely dealing with here is a haunted/possessed doll. Typically, though not in all cases (more on that in a bit), these dolls do pose a fairly severe threat to the property owners and their families, often times resulting in mental terror, physical maulings, and in many cases death. So on paper, one thing did leap out after reading your question. The selling agent did the right thing in terms of acting in the seller's best wishes. A possessed doll SHOULD be a non-negotiable term when it comes to the negotiation process. Of course if they see it as a deal-breaker, common sense would lead one to believe your agent should've explained the significance of this a little bit better but like I said above, we really are the only team that gives these matters the attention they deserve.
To be more specific, it's entirely probable that this doll will at some point set out to ruin/end all of your lives, likely several days after you move in to allow you a misguided sense of well-being, just enough time for you to callously dismiss the silly superstitions the last sellers were clearly projecting. Once that safety net seems to be firmly in place, that is almost certainly when the mental terrorizing will begin. Once the collective psyche of the house nears total collapse, that's likely when the homicidal attacks on each family members will occur. And from a real estate angle, you have no recourse by this point. The Property Condition Disclosure Statement doesn't deal with the nether-realm; so unless the doll actually killed a person or devalued the integrity of the home in some way, the seller does not have to disclosure its haunted presence (we are currently pushing the board to include a supernatural section on the PCDS but progress is slow to say the least).
Now, above I alluded to the odd time where a possessed doll staying in a home WOULDN'T be a deal-breaker. Once in a blue moon, a doll will come equipped with a switch under the shirt or dress labelled "evil". In cases like this, a simple switch to the "off" side should ease a lot, if not all of your concerns. So my advice to you in this particular case: if it has an evil switch, go for it! If not, there are too many inherent risks to sign off on the purchase, and we would recommend walking away from the deal.
Make sure to contact us for all your ghastly inquiries! Happy Halloween from The Turnkey Group!

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