Reasons Why You Need To Use Video Marketing

Posted by Meaghan Craig on Saturday, May 9th, 2020 at 6:56pm.

With each listing I create a love story about the home – the amazing memories and experiences you could have within those four walls as well as highlights of the street and area.

I provide this service free of charge and feel incredibly honoured to captivate what you liked and loved about your home because ultimately, all the reasons you fell in love it - buyers will too. The power of video is great story telling with attention to detail, subtle sounds and making the imagery come alive with movement. All with the goal of evoking a certain emotion within someone that comforts them as though they were being wrapped in a warm blanket.

While this is important for clients selling acreages or recreational properties where a buyer might not necessarily want to jump in their vehicle and make the two hour trip to see the home. Great marketing applies to everyone selling their home. 

Research shows 94% of buyers use the internet to search for their new forever home. Additionally, 47% of buyers found the home they purchased online after using the internet to conduct a search for properties that met their needs and wants.

Approximately, 83% of how we experience the world is through the sense of sight. Studies show hearing was second at 11% and smell, touch, taste trailed in behind.

Video has always been a great way to communicate and convey messages but now more than ever to ensure the safety of both buyers and sellers during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The real estate industry has adapted to our "new  normal" with waivers, electronic signature sessions, Zoom interactions with clients, adhering to social distance guidelines as well as virtual open houses. Trends that may not fade even when everything re-opens because let's face it, who doesn't like the idea of looking at a listing via video while cuddled up in your pajamas!


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