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Well, Saskatoon, it looks like we’ll be spending another summer close to home. With the real estate market as hot as it is right now, it’s evident that some people are taking the opportunity to upgrade their living situations. Imagine finding a home with a great outdoor space—kids' playset included. Or what if it has a pool? How amazing will your summer be with access to your very own backyard oasis?

If it's possible to change your primary residence to suit your desired lifestyle better, that is a great option. If you are unable to find your family’s perfect home, what can you do to improve your outdoor space? The good news is, there's plenty you can do to enhance the outdoor area you do have while you are waiting to move!

Furnishings: Need a

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Will sales of vacation properties in Saskatchewan

be as hot as the residential housing market?


Check out this beautiful lakefront property for under $400,000!

The answer?

It's already happened!

Vacation property sales in Saskatchewan went from 291 in 2019 to 459 in 2020, that's an increase of 57.7%! If you are wondering about 2015-2017, we only started tracking these sales in late 2017!

Did the average price go up as well? This chart shows us that the average price went up 10.7% from 2019 to 2020, this is for all of Saskatchewan.



This chart shows Emma Lake, were the average went up 29.7% from 2019 to 2020!

Obviously, the more popular the lake or the location, the higher the price has gone up.


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Spending New Year’s Eve in the comfort of your own home can be an enjoyable, new experience for the whole family. Check out these fun ways to ring in the new year at home and make it a night to remember. 

1. Make A Memory Board of Your Favourite 2020 Memories

Before the new year starts, it is a great time to reflect on all the amazing moments that happened in 2020. Collect photos, memorabilia, quotes, and anything else that brings a positive memory from the past year. You can create a memory board using a corkboard, a photo frame, or by taping the pieces to your wall.


2. Enjoy Your Favourite Activity

New Year’s Eve doesn’t always have to be about the party, instead spend your evening enjoying a family activity. Watch your

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Earlier this year, with the statistics forecasting our best year yet, no one could have imagined the impact of COVID-19 on the Saskatoon real estate market. Self-isolation and social distancing were things we had never even dreamed of and they quickly became our reality without much warning. Soon after, the market slowed dramatically, leaving both buyers and sellers worried what the future would hold. 

Luckily, though, the warmer weather brought with it a sunnier outlook, and as recoveries continue to rise, so do sales. This means, if you’ve been toying with the idea of selling your home in 2020, this summer is a fantastic time to do so—and here’s why:

#1 - Awesomely Low Interest Rates

With the current economic climate in the state that it is

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Hi everyone! A couple years back our team decided to release a comprehensive guide to real estate as it pertains supernatural concerns and it turned out to be a real graveyard smash! Turns out, for whatever reason we are the only REALTORS® in the city that are open minded enough to help buyers/sellers through these ghoulish, but solvable areas within the real estate realm. Well we took a year off, but in 2019 we are back to trudge you through even more perilous territory that all the other REALTORS® are just too scared to cover. Here is one question a prospective buyer recently sent our way:


1. "We found a charming character war-time home that we fell in love with.  Before offering, my husband and I went through the property two times, and the…
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Summer has arrived, the weather’s warm and vacation season is in full swing.  Chances are you’ll be catching a flight this summer - whether you’re going domestic or international, use these tips for a more enjoyable and efficient flying experience.

Find affordable flights with these apps: 

Skiplagged - shows you hidden-city ticketing options to get you a flight for up to 50% less.

Hopper - predicts upcoming price trends

Has your flight fare lowered since you booked?

Contact the airline - some will give you the difference back in credit.

Give up your seat for a travel voucher.

If you’re not in a rush to get to your destination and you find yourself on an overbooked flight, let the ticketing counter know.  They may offer you a

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It's Mother's Day weekend and there's no shortage of special events happening in Saskatoon to celebrate our moms! 

Mother's Day Concert

Join the SSO to celebrate mothers on their special day!  They're putting together a concert of charming chamber music, including a string quartet rumoured to have been written by Mozart while his wife, Constanza, was giving birth! More details.

Mother's Day Crepe Partea

An elegant mid-morning gathering in honour of Mother's Day.  Enjoy an assortment of sweet and savoury crepes made by Crossing Cultures Catering.  Coffee and a variety of tea will be included as well as a complimentary mimosa.  More details.

Mother's Day Brunch

Take Mom to the German Cultural Centre for their annual Mother's Day Brunch!

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It's February and the long weekend Family Day Weekend! So time to get out and enjoy some Saskatoon "Sun Day, Fun Day, Brrrr Day"!

It will be COOL in more ways than one! Temperatures are going to be in the -20 to -30 range so make sure that everyone is bundled up for all the fun activities Saskatoon has to offer. This is a favourite weekend as it's been a while since getting together with family and friends during the Christmas season. Prairie people love to get together to socialize and enjoy winter activities as we "Eat Again!" Yes - we do love to feed everyone who gets anywhere near our homes!

Out comes everything from sausage, cheese, crackers to perogies, cabbage rolls and, of course, desserts.

The City of Saskatoon has a Guide to Family Day

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In case you might be thinking about the reliability of your furnace during this cold snap, I thought it would be worth sharing a recent winter disaster, avoided,

It was a -29 Deg. C on a February evening, about 11PM, just two days before we left for a week vacation in Mexico and the furnace quit working. I called Efficiency heating and Cooling and they were fantastic. They had the furnace up and running within a couple of hours. The service technician told me that the reason the furnace failed was that I was using one of those expensive washable microbial filters that after years of use and several washings become too restrictive to the air flow. He recommended that I use a pleated filter with an MERV 8 rating. MERV ratings go from one to 16 with 16

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