Selling Your Condominium? How a Real Estate Agent is Vital to the Process

Posted by Mercina Kokkas on Tuesday, April 9th, 2019 at 12:52pm.

Do you want to sell a condo in Saskatoon and surrounding areas? Thinking of selling your condominium on your own, without real estate agent by your side?

The idea is tempting especially when you anticipate paying the MLS marketing commissions to yourself. Therefore it is important to weigh out the job ahead and determine if it is worth taking on.  It is also important to understand the consequence of having a property sit on the market due to errors caused by lack of time and or experience.

Selling Your Condominium? How a Real Estate Agent is Vital to the Process

Selling your condominium is hard work and a process that requires a focused time commitment. Experienced real estate agents understand this coming into the job.

Selling a condo while learning on the job often results in frustration, stress, and a home that sits on the market.

Reasons why a real estate agent will be a vital partner as you go to sell a condo in Saskatoon and surrounding areas.

You Want the Most Value for Your Home

For many homeowners, getting the most value from a home’s sale is the biggest priority.

Statistically, homes that sell without a real estate agent sell for less than homes that sell with an agent working the transaction. There are many reasons why this is the case, but the major reasons are:           

  • Agents are shrewd negotiators that fight for every dollar of value;
  • Agents are better connected and have a much larger network of potential buyers through the MLS system as well as personal networking
  • Agent-sold homes sell faster, statistically the longer a home takes to sell the wider the gap between asking and selling price so you have the best chance of getting close to your asking price when you have an agent working for you

Selling your condominium without an agent runs the risk of getting less money for your condo, which ultimately can cut into the equity accumulated. Sell a condo in Saskatoon and surrounding areas with an agent and you have a better chance of getting most or all of your original asking price.

You Need Help Navigating the Lesser Known Parts of Selling a Home

There’s a lot more to selling your condominium than posting a for-sale sign, putting a price to the home, and holding an open house.

As a matter of fact, agents help with a litany of tasks, large and small, that largely happen behind the scenes. These include but are not limited to:

  • Helping the buyer find financing for the purchase;
  • Working with inspectors and property managers so as to give the buyer confidence in the condo;
  • Wording clauses and phrases to form a legally binding contract between buyer and seller
  • Being available to take calls and show the condo within  buyer schedules;
  • Marketing a home in person, online, and through print broadcast;
  • Networking directly with past clients, potential buyers and fellow real estate agents.

For the average homeowner the job of marketing alone takes up a tremendous amount of free time, so much so that people who try to sell a condo in Saskatoon and surrounding areas by themselves soon become overly stressed when adding to the demands of daily life.

In most cases working, looking after family and personal affairs and suddenly needing to be available to buyer inquiries and schedules is too much to take on. 

Selling with an agent gives you the best chance to successfully sell your home for the best possible  price and within the timeframe you want

Talk to a real estate pro to learn more about selling your condominium today – and sell with confidence!

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