Selling Your Home this Winter? Mistakes to Avoid

Posted by Ashley Turner on Monday, January 16th, 2017 at 4:20pm.

It's winter in Saskatchewan. We know, it's bleak and easy to get negative but if you're selling, there are buyers out there, and if your property is presented properly, they will come! Here are some mistakes to avoid when listing a house during a Sask winter:

1) Shovel that driveway/walkways. Perhaps you park in the garage and don't have to slug through a foot of snow to enter your home, but your buyers probably will. It right away establishes a negative mindset before entering the house. Also, there are safety/liability issues to be concerned about.

2) YOU may be bummed out about the winter doldrums but that doesn't mean your house should represent that! It's important to give a house a warm, colorful appearance. Small decorations with a lot of color throughout the house go a long way in regards to putting a smile on the buyer's face.

3) The winter market isn't as blazing hot as the summer's, this is true. But that doesn't mean there aren't buyers scouring the market every day looking for a house to buy. We are cold for about five months of the year in Saskatchewan, it's safe to say not all our buyers wait for the snow to be gone to start looking to buy. It's just not realistic. So while it's smart to temper expectations to a degree, the shift from summer market to winter market isn't a sea change, often times it's just perceived as such.

4) Scrub your windows. During winter it's easy to see EVERYTHING on windows, so cleaning the windows is all part of that great first impression you hope to make with buyers. Maybe they'll see those dozens of finger prints and grime smears and wonder what other details you've missed.

5) Don't turn down the heat! Being frugal is a nice trait but when you're trying to sell a home for top dollar, it's pretty foolish to turn down heat for showings. Heated homes give the impression the house is energy-efficient and well insulated. Keep that heat up!

6) Might seem obvious but don't turn down showings. If you want to sell your home in a slower season, buyer always has to come first. It may be inconvenient but it's crucial to not deny showings. Winter buyers tend to be serious, so any possible showing is one worth making sacrifices for.

Remember, if you take one thing away from all this it's this: try to be as positive and bring out as many positives as you can in regards to selling your home. People do buy in winter, there's no reason to think you can't be one of the sellers on the other end.

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