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A buyer looks at your home, makes you an offer, you negotiate, a deal is made, and your home is sold! It's as simple as that, right? Well...not always. Could you have gotten more for your home? Did you eliminate a large portion of the buyer pool by not offering a buyer commission? No matter what led you to the decision to sell your home by yourself, here's some of the best professional real estate advice I can offer.

Compare Your Home to Others on the Market

Don't let your emotions or your need for a specific sale price impact your review of homes on the market now. Take into account that listing prices are not sale prices. Make fair compromises when it comes to determining your home’s value, and be sure that the price you come up with is based

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February Update:

February's residential sales of 352 units were up from January's total of 278. They were up 53.04% from February 2020 which saw 230 units sell!

- 131 of the 352 were in the price range between $200,000 - $349,999 (37.22%)

- $200,000 - $299,999 had 85 units sell (24.72%)

- $300,000 - $349,999 had 38 units sell (12.50%)

Here are some interesting numbers for February

-$500,000 - $750,000 had 37 units sell, February 2020 saw 15 units sell

- $750,000 - $999,999 had 8 units sell, February 2020 saw 0 units sell

- $1,000,000+ had 1 unit sell, February 2020 saw 0 units sell.

When home sales are up, along with higher priced homes, it's an indication that consumers are confident in the

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January Update:

January's residential sales of 278 units were up from December's total of 274. They were up 26.94% from January 2020 which saw 219 units sell!

- 124 of the 278 were in the price range between $200,000 - $349,999 (44.60%)

- $200,000 - $299,999 had 85 units sell (30.58%)

- $300,000 - $349,999 had 38 units sell (13.67%)

Is the market still hot? Last January there were 24 houses sell priced over $500,000. This January there were 42!

For more details on these stats, compiled by the Saskatoon REALTORS® Association click here.

What is selling the most; Single Detached? Townhouses? Apartment style condos?

- Of the 278 sales in January

 - 188 were single detached (67.63%) 

 - 50

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The real estate market is data-driven and, as a REALTOR®, it is my job to not only be familiar with this data, but also to understand how it will impact both my buyers and sellers at any given time so that I can protect their best interests. There are those who will rely entirely on the experts to advise them, which is why I continually focus on this aspect of my job. But if you're at all interested in the basics, understanding what is happening in the real estate market for yourself before you dive in could give you an advantage over the competition.

Let’s take a look at just a few key market stats that will help you learn more about what is happening in your current real estate market:

Sale-to-New-Listing Ratio

Whether you are buying or

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If you haven't already heard, the 2021 real estate market in Saskatoon is crazy low in inventory, with homes selling faster and faster as spring approaches. Certain price ranges and property types are especially short this year, so we thought we would take a moment to share with you the 5 we are most in need of this year. Think yours might be one of them? Contact me today and let's get it listed while the market's hot!

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Congratulations! You have an offer on your property that is conditional on the sale of the buyer’s property. So if you accept it, the property is sold, right?! Well...not quite yet. Let’s explore what this condition means and how it affects you as the seller. 

The “Sale of Property” Condition

“Conditionally Sold” implies that you have accepted an offer from a buyer, which is conditional upon the seller and/or buyer being able to fulfill certain agreed upon conditions.  Such conditions usually include the buyer being able to obtain a satisfactory home inspection report and securing financing. In the case of the Sale of Property Condition (SOP), the buyer agrees to purchase the seller’s home, as long as the buyer’s home is successfully sold within

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Are you thinking of selling your home in the near future but when you look around you see so many things that may overshadow your homes shine? You know that kitchens and bathrooms sell homes, and home buyers usually want to see these items completed before they move in, unless they are buying a house for a great price expecting to need to renovate it. And the trick to deciding whether or not to renovate is to figure out which category your home will fall under.

Renovations That Always Pay When Selling a House

There are renovations that pay, those that will add some value, and those to avoid. The key lies in the difference between what buyers like and what they’ll actually pay for. Here is a list of renovations that always pay:


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A very small portion of the population is able to pay cash for a home purchase. Most people need to take out a mortgage to purchase a home. Small changes in interest rates can make a big difference in how much interest is paid over the lifetime of the mortgage. Join me as I explore what the interest rates are doing since COVID-19 hit and why you should sell now, during a pandemic.

Interest Rates in Canada

The Bank of Canada slashed its benchmark interest rate to help stimulate the economy. And even though the Bank of Canada doesn’t set all mortgage rates, they do have some impact on rates overall.

The Bank of Canada uses interest rates to control the economy. When the economy is strong, they may raise the rate to keep inflation from rising

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 December Update:

December's residential sales of 274 units were down from November's total of 358. They were up 34.98% from December 2019 which saw 203 units sell!

- 112 of the 274 were in the price range between $200,000 - $349,999 (40.88%)

- $200,000 - $299,999 had 65 units sell (23.72%)

- $300,000 - $349,999 had 47 units sell (17.15%)

For more details on these stats, compiled by the Saskatoon REALTORS® Association click here.

What is selling the most; Single Detached? Townhouses? Apartment style condos?

- Of the 274 sales in December, 196 were single detached (71.53%) Up from 69.0% in November.

 - 44 were Semi Detached (Townhouses, 1/2 duplex)  (16.05%) Up from 14.1% in November.

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When you have a potential buyer request a viewing of your home, you have passed the first test. Your home meets some or most of their search criteria and the listing looks appealing enough for them to want to see more! One of the most important things you can do now to ensure your home makes a great first impression for buyers, both online and in person, is to stage your home.

Why Stage a Home For Sale?

Home staging has been growing in popularity for many years in the real estate industry. It’s important to understand that staging goes much further than placing furniture in a home that is going on the market for sale. The prime reasons staging has become commonplace is due to consumer demand and the increase of online home shopping.

Most, if

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