The Hot 5 Current Areas in Saskatoon we think are hot hot hot!

Posted by Ashley Turner on Wednesday, March 22nd, 2017 at 8:25am.

There have been long held vestiges of popularity in Saskatoon, and for the longest time our city of bridges has been very east/west side. Thankfully, we are starting to see these barriers being broken down, with many buyers looking for value on both sides of the River. Buyers are recognizing that their almighty dollar might stretch a bit further in some of Saskatoon's more-up-and coming areas. Here are some always popular areas with a fast sell time and high list-sale ratio currently in Saskatoon, as well as the areas that are now feeling the effect trickling down effect! If you live in one of these areas, and are thinking of selling, now may be the time!

1) Varsity View & Nutana and the effect this has had on Buena Vista:

The ever popular areas of Varsity View and Nutana are always some of the most popular and most-desired areas in Saskatoon! Unfortunately, in recent years we have seen prices become unattainable for many people wanting that core East/Broadway/University location. This has caused a major cross over effect into the area of Buena Vista, with prices really gaining momentum there in the last few years. Good houses in BV don't last, and it is very popular due to location location location, and it being just a quick skip over 8th St away from Nutana and Varsity.

2) City Park Boom and its effect into Caswell Hill:

City Park also remains ever-popular with its gorgeous character homes, access to the river and everything that downtown has to offer. However, similar to Varsity View and Nutana, this area has also become unattainable price-wise for many buyers. Those wanting a character home close to the downtown core have to look no further than the statuesque character homes found in the core area of Caswell Hill! Homes here are still rather affordable, and close to amenities and the gorgeous Ashworth Holmes Park, as well as the redevelopment going on on 33rd. Caswell is quite location specific however, with homes in upper Caswell and the heart of Caswell being the most desired!

3) Stonebridge:

People either love it or hate it, and it seems that more people are loving the 'burb life in Stonebridge. The area is a whopping 10 years ahead of its original schedule! May people think at first glance the area looks rather "cookie-cutter", but in the heart of Stonebridge you find lovely walking paths, an abundance of pocket parks, forested walking paths, and 2 ponds surrounded by gorgeous walk-out houses. Not to mention the abundance of amenities contained in the area and future schools in the fall of 2017- you may never have to leave! Established homes are going fast, as people are wanting turn-key properties in the area. Stonebridge was Master-planned by Homes by Dream (formerly Dundee), which is always popular in Saskatoon due to their vision and tight building regulations, which leads me to...

4) Kensington

Surprise Surpise! Saskatoon's newest west of the river suburb is ON FIRE. Driven out there lately? Do it! You will be shocked how far along it is. Similar to Stonebridge in that it was designed by Dream Developments, it has all the amenities that a person could want, plus land values are generally more affordable as we cross the river. With easy access now to circle drive via 22nd and 33rd to the south bridge, this one is a no-brainer for many people looking to get into the newer home market!

5) River Heights:

Always a destination area. In recent years River Heights has seen a huge amount of activity and homes selling fast and for top dollar, due to its proximity to the River, and the picturesque location of homes situated along streets like Skeena, Capilano Drive, Sturgeon and Spadina. Perfect for those wanting to be close to the water, but not in a home that is 100 years old. Large lots, mature trees and access to paths, hiking trails, the Meewasin Valley and downtown make River Heights a popular destination!

Have any areas you think I've missed? Let me know and perhaps we can discuss in an upcoming blog or segment of Real Estate YXE on Global!

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