The “Pandemic Effect” & the Saskatoon Real Estate Market

Posted by CENTURY 21 Fusion on Sunday, December 20th, 2020 at 12:59pm.

If you’re at all interested in economics, supply and demand, or market behaviours, the past 9 months will likely have intrigued you. It was almost like the boomer effect, only this time it would be more aptly named the “pandemic effect”—a storm of supply shortages, making it hard to find a wide variety of things, ranging from toilet paper to RV’s.

Many who were lucky enough to make the transition to working from home in March were buying up all the computers and laptops, while others were hoping to find a new gaming system to use while they were stuck at home with nothing to do. There were so many home renovation projects happening this spring that the price of lumber was the highest it’s been, ever. And the warmer weather created a wave of people wanting things to do outside, safely, meaning things like bicycles, canoes, ATV’s, Campers and Boats were in short supply, as well; a trend we are again seeing with the newest change of the weather, with a shortage of winter sports equipment now at hand. Continue reading the full post at


Full article written by Kent Braaten, local Real Estate Expert in Saskatoon with CENTURY 21 Fusion.

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