Three Tips to Navigating a Real Estate Market and Selling a House Quickly

Posted by Mercina Kokkas on Saturday, February 16th, 2019 at 11:49am.

Want to sell a home in Warman and surrounding areas and want to do it quickly? Maybe you have a job offer you committed to, are expecting a new addition to your family, or want to commit to your dream home but need to sell before you can buy.

Whatever the reason for selling a house quickly, learning to navigate a quickly-moving real estate market and getting the best value for your home – as you protect your home from languishing on the MLS listings – is key.

When you desire to sell a home in Warman and surrounding areas quickly, it’s important to know how to, get the attention of buyers early in the process, find a qualified buyer, and close the deal quickly. This article offers three tips for when you sell a home in Warman and surrounding areas but the tips can be applied to most real estate market situations.

Three Tips to Navigating a Real Estate Market and Selling a House Quickly

Price Your Home Competitively

Sometimes, we are content to price our home for maximum value return and wait for the buyer, not feeling concerned with the timeline. Other times, this strategy is not an option.

An experienced agent will assist you in pricing your home competitively, by providing a comparative market analysis to determine what other listings are asking and selling for, calculate the number of listings on the market as well as gauge the rate in which the market will absorb them. From there you will be able to confidently set a competitive price. A competitive price doesn’t always mean the lowest price on the real estate market. But sometimes selling a house quickly may require undercutting the competition by a bit.

Consider the amount you are comfortable clearing from the sale and with your agent’s help, see how it works as a benchmark.   Always remember buyers are looking at other homes. Pricing your home competitively will make a difference. Be clear on the impact of having a quick sale or a slow drawn out one. Also, keep in mind the complications and cost of leaving a vacant home behind.

Use the Internet to Your Full Advantage

Increased visibility is also key when you aim to sell a home in Warman and surrounding areas. Marketing your home online effectively in a busy real estate market is somewhat like setting up a massive neon sign pointing to your home.

Today, social media is more important than ever. Marketing and selling a house through the Internet means making use of social media such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and other platforms. This is in addition to the many real estate websites that your house can be featured on.

Even the use of Facebook Ads to advertise your home can pay dividends, as these ads reach a lot of people quickly.

Be Prepared To Offer Concessions During Negotiation

If offering concessions doesn’t strike you as something you’d like to do, think of it as keeping the buyer at the table long enough to get you what is important to you. Being flexible during negotiations keeps communication flowing. Once communication stops, there is no longer a deal in sight. Sometimes when you negotiate with a buyer, you can offer certain concessions rather than reduce your price.

These concessions may include leaving appliances or yard equipment with the property, look after repairs prior to the move-in date or allow the buyer to choose the move-in date.

Selling a house in a competitive real estate market means being creative and flexible. The more creative and flexible you are, the faster your home will sell, especially if you market well and price competitively. Take advantage of these tips and be on your way to real estate success!

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